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    SOVAMEP turns your waste into a RESOURCE

     Collection + Sorting + Recycling + Management 

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    Join the 21 st century circular economy

     Control your environmental impact 

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    We know how to reduce your environmental impact

     Recycling and recovery of your industrial waste 

Collection, recycling and valorisation of your industrial metals

Ferrous |  Non ferrous | Special | Precious

A classified installation dedicated to repurposing your metals

30 years of experience at your service.

Created in 1986 by Mr Baudet and sons, SOVAMEP specialises in repurposing metals and precious metals. 

Since 1986, SOVAMEP has collected ferrous and non-ferrous metals from industrial companies all over France:

Aeronautic | Mechanical | Oil | Defence | Food 

This waste is then sorted and prepared by our specialised operators at our classified installation covering 20,000m². It will be resold to a foundry or steel mill in France or overseas. The waste is repurposed and finds a second life in a foundry or steel mill.

In this way, SOVAMEP helps preserve the planet’s resources.

SOVAMEP: a small company, responsive and experienced in industrial waste management in France and overseas.

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Tons / Year


Millions € Turnover In 2017


Concerned Continents

Industrial materials processed on our sites

The metals processed on our site come from the following industries: aeronautics, naval, agri-food, space, electrical, electronic and mechanical.

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Recycling & Valorisation metals and precious metals

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