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Respecting air quality, preserving subsoils, managing emissions, waste and resources are everyone’s concern.
SOVAMEP’s activities directly interact with these elements which is why it is essential to protect them.

SOVAMEP therefore pledges to prevent pollution every day.
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Performances and objectives

    • Regular controls of atmospheric emissions
    • Improving gas collection systems at source
    • Real-time adjustment of gas wash system settings
    • Reinforced maintenance of these installations
    • Waterproofing of the entire operational site
    • Two slush and oil removal systems to filter residual water
    • Collection and processing of all machining fluids from shavings
    • Regular groundwater checks
    • No aqueous waste from surface treatment workshops
    • Regular checks of electrical and gas installations and work site equipment

    SOVAMEP is convinced that the environment must be incorporated into management strategy to maintain future competitiveness and ensure the company’s longevity.

Recognized by Organizations and Professional Associations

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