Precious metals

This image represents a pile of thin prescious metal strips
This image represents a pile of specific black, white and golden prescious metal pieces
This image represents a pile of prescious metal strips

We process your precious metal waste

With over 30 years expertise in this field, an Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment subject to Authorisation, we process waste containing precious metals for industrial companies in our surface treatment workshops.

SOVAMEP uses all precious metal extraction and purification processes and equipment (heat treatment, mechanical crushing, chemical dissolving, metallisation, precipitation, electrolysis and refining…)

From industries including IT, electronics, space, surface treatments and also automotive (catalytic converter ceramics), this industrial waste is repurposed in gold, silver, palladium or rhodium.

SOVAMEP: Collection, recycling and recovery of your industrial metals
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Recycling & Valorisation metals and precious metals

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