Renovation and expansion of the precious metals laboratory at SOVAMEP

sovamep nouveau laboratoire metaux precieux

SOVAMEP has a new laboratory!

31 years after the creation of its main centre in Muret in Occitania, SOVAMEP is modernising its production tool dedicated to the recycling of WEEE and other industrial waste containing precious metals. New paint, new tools, the laboratory is finally ready to satisfy the company's various needs and serve a growing number of new customers in the electronics sector.

SOVAMEP's birthday: 30 years !

We were more than 170 guests to celebrate this event....

We would like to thank you warmly for your presence. You played an important role in the success of this event. The atmosphere was friendly and warm. Everything we hoped for in preparing this event! Thanks again to you and see you soon at a new event.


All the pictures of the event are available on our facebook page! 

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Recycling & Valorisation metals and precious metals

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