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HSE Environmental policy

For over thirty years, SOVAMEP has been working to preserve natural resources by recycling metals and precious metals from industrial waste. Concern for the environment and security of our everyday actions are an integral part of SOVAMEP’s values.

The management has pledged to prevent pollution which means:

  • Respecting current regulations and other requirements applicable to all our activities
  • Controlling atmospheric emissions and machining fluids
  • Waste sorting and management (not mixing, repurposing)
  • Training staff about the environment
  • Implementing measurement, control and management tools
  • Tests to reduce the environmental impact of emergency situations
  • Transparency in terms of the authorities, partners and the public

ICPE listed site

SOVAMEP is ICPE listed (Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment). It is therefore covered by a specific regulation in terms of environmental protection. The government ensures that these regulations are respected through the DREAL (the regional environment, land planning and housing directorate)


Our commitments

Inside a company, it is the men and women which create value.

In terms of safety, SOVAMEP pledges to:

  • Reduce the risks through staff training, risk analysis and reducing the sources of accidents,
  • Allocating the human, material and financial resources necessary to achieve these objectives,
  • Permanently modernise and update its industrial facilities.

We also demand that our service providers and people working on-site observe our policy and become involved in our continuous improvement approach.

Periodically, the system, its objectives and its effectiveness are reviewed to assess areas for improvement.

SOVAMEP management is convinced that the environment and safety must be incorporated into management strategy to maintain future competitiveness and ensure the company’s longevity.


ISO 14001

SOVAMEP has voluntarily reinforced its environmental pledge through the ISO 14001 international certification (first standard on environmental management), delivered and annually audited by an external accredited organisation such as AFAQ AFNOR.

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Our customers

SOVAMEP’s customer base is essentially foundries, European and international purchasing groups.
Its activity can be divided into four separate areas: metal trade and brokering; collecting, shipping and storage; disassembly, sorting and storage; and finally chemical extraction, heat and mechanical processing.

  • Aeronautic
  • Shipbuilding
  • Mechanical
  • Electronic
  • Space
  • Electrical
  • Food
This image represents Monsieur Samuel Espinasse, H.S.E. Manager and TDG Safety Advisor

H.S.E. Manager and TDG Safety Advisor

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